Nutriplant® SD is Powder.

Nutriplant® SL is Liquid.

Nutriplant® SD/SL – Seed Treatment is a nutritional supplement to enhance seedling emergence and growth.

Average Yield Increase in USA for 9 Crops is 10.4% (although results will vary)

Tested for Over 25 Years in Over 264 Trials!

Apply Nutriplant® SD to the seeds before planting. Application should be made in such a way that all seeds are thoroughly coated. Nutriplant® SD can be applied right in the planter box. Fill each box about half full of seed. Apply half of the recommended rate of Nutriplant® SD and mix thoroughly. Add the rest of the seed and the rest of the Nutriplant® SD and mix again. Properly treated seed will have a fine coating of powder.

Apply Nutriplant® SL using commercial equipment. Apply as a fine mist to obtain a uniform coating. Dilute only as necessary for uniform application. Mix seeds until dry and do not stick. Keep seed dry until planting. Plant seeds as usual.

Nutriplant® SD/SL is compatible with most Seed Treatments including inoculums, fungicides and insecticides. It can also be used on pelletized seed.

Nutriplant® SD/SL contains contains magnesium, sulfur, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. (Nutriplant® SD also contains calcium.) Calcium is needed for root and leaf development and improved plant vigor. Magnesium regulates uptake of other nutrients and activates a number of crucial enzymes. Sulfur, zinc, and copper are essential for formation of proteins and activation of enzymes necessary for seedling growth. Iron and manganese are crucial in sugar metabolism to produce energy for seedling emergence. Magnesium and molybdenum aid in the transport of phosphorus, which is important in energy transfer. Cobalt influences plant resistance to stress.

The synergism of all of these elements makes Nutriplant® SD/SL Seed Treatment effective.

Nutriplant® SD/SL Seed Treatment is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilizer program, and will not by itself provide all of the nutrients normally required by plants.

  • Comes up quicker
  • Better stands
  • Stronger, bigger root systems
  • Increased yields
  • Easy to apply
  • Cost Effective


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