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Customer Testimonials

“We used Nutriplant SD on our corn.  Given the dry conditions, our corn produced.  We sprayed APSA 80 for soil compaction in a test field of corn that has been a tough plot for us historically.  The corn treated with the APSA 80 produced far better than the untreated corn.  We’ll use both products again.”

~ Mike S., Kansas

“We had a decent corn crop given the dry conditions.  Our beans are the best we’ve ever had.  The Nutriplant SD and APSA 80 definitely helped the corn fight hot, dry stresses and improved the yield and quality of our crops.”

~ Ben W., Kansas

“I’m happy.  The Nutriplant SD made a difference in our millet crop.  We planted in early May, plants germinated and emerged at 4 days, growth at 10 days was good.  First cutting we made a bale more per acre than the prior year.  The crop withstood the hot temperatures and lack of moisture in July and August.  We got more bales per acre than we expected in the second cutting given the conditions.  We’ll use the SD on our spring crops.”

~ Rankin Farms, Missouri

”I’m impressed.  The Nutriplant SD definitely made a difference in our corn yields.  Germination and emergence was quicker; root systems and plants were stronger; growth and stress resistance improved. Overall, the SD made a significant difference. Yields were much better than averages for the region.  We’ll use it on our winter wheat crop.  We’re also planning to use the Nutriplant AG foliar application on our wheat crop.”

~T&L Farm, Kansas

“We’ve used other surfactants in our spraying business for weed control, fertilization and insect control. However, after using APSA 80, we won’t use any other surfactant. It has improved spray tank coverage, weed kill and control and, above all, our bottom line. We also use it for our tree applications. APSA 80 gets my highest recommendation. Commercial sprayers will not go wrong using this product.”

~ Pecan Valley Lawn, Oklahoma

“We’ve used Nutriplant products and APSA 80 on our farm for years. The powder seed treatment and foliar micronutrients have made significant differences in our wheat, corn and soybeans. In addition, we use APSA 80 as an additive with all spray applications. I definitely recommend producers use the products.”

~ Smith Farms, Missouri

“We side-by-side tested Nutriplant SD powder seed treatment on our corn crop. At the same stage of growth, plants were pulled five rows apart. Plants with the treatment were taller and stronger, root systems more massive and had two ears of corn versus one ear without. Yield significantly improved with the treatment. We’re convinced….we’ll treat all seed with SD. As a result of SD results, we’ll test Nutriplant AG and APSA 80.”

~ Carroll Farm, Illinois

“We spray turf and lawn commercially in Kansas City, both Missouri and Kansas. We use APSA 80 as the surfactant/adjuvant for all applications; the product has boosted performance of all post emergent herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. We will not use any other product. ”

~ KC Diamond Lawn, Kansas