brian sitzman and cindy kocyonBrian and Cynthia founded Sitzman AG Marketing Group on the principles of honesty, integrity and commitment. We teamed up to start the business with an ambitious plan, lofty goals and a vision focused on quality customer service, loyalty and building relationships with our customers.

The business vision is clear. Short term goals include team members genuinely interested in farmers implementing and testing our crop management system in several geographic regions. Long term goals include support and guidance from our own team’s accredited agronomist that can help provide healthy and profitable harvests, an APSA-80® lawn and turf line with focus on residential and corporate lawn care and golf course maintenance.

We understand and embrace tradition; simpler times when a common understanding and “a gentleman’s agreement” based on a person’s word and handshake was all that was necessary to do business. We operate with confidence in our products and the benefit we can bring to your investment.

As we start Year Three in our AG business, Cindy and I first want to express our sincere appreciation to our customers and all who have visited with us at farm shows in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, via email through the business website and/or phone calls to our direct lines. It’s been an exciting and challenging year for us and our business teams but we look forward to fostering existing, and building new, relationships in the upcoming year.

Farms in production in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and our newest in North Dakota. The success of the Nutriplant® seed treatment and foliar micronutrients has been outstanding. Higher yields in corn and soybean fields of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri with the same expectations for the North Dakota farm operations. Yields have increased ranging from 5 to 8 bushels per acre using the Nutriplant® SD/SL and AG products, either singly or in combination, and the APSA 80® surfactant although your results can vary.

We will continue show booths at the farm shows attended previous years and have targeted additional shows in North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and possible visits to other states, such as Oklahoma and Texas.

We are committed to our customers and developing new relationships in the upcoming year.

Additionally, we have targeted several colleges and universities in the region to offer an internship to top candidates pursuing agricultural degrees. We want to offer candidates the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the ag field while earning credits toward their degrees and to build lasting long-term relationships with the colleges and universities including academic scholarships.

Again, Cindy and I thank you and look forward to another day of serving you, helping you meet your agricultural needs and hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events.

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